The UK’s leading independent vinyl record wholesale distributor and supplier.

Even by Odd is the UK’s leading independent vinyl record wholesale distributor and supplier.

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With over nine years of experience in the UK and international music industry,
Even by Odd is a one-stop vinyl records wholesale supplier stocking over 83,000 7”, 12”, and LP vinyl recordings, along with more than 177,000 titles in other formats and music-based merchandise.

All of our stock is brand new from represses to imports, and even deleted catalogue items. Our range includes all genres from over 500 labels, including Arista, Blue Note, BMG, Capitol, Chrysalis, EMI, Epic, Fat Beats, Motown, Ninja Tune, Parlophone, Philips, PIAS, Polydor, RCA, Sony, Stones Throw, Universal, Virgin, Warner, Warp.

Specialising in the wholesale of vinyl records, Even by Odd has built a reputation for proactivity and innovation. Our team communicates regularly with each of our accounts regarding open orders, stock availability and delivery, and we’re constantly striving to provide the best service to UK and International Distributors, Wholesalers, Internet Retailers and Shops. We continuously work to our clients requirements and successfully work with Just-In-Time and Just-In-Case inventory systems. 

If you would like to begin working with us, please register for an account and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours of submission.

Hi there,

I’m Jordan Brace, the founder of Even by Odd Limited (EXO), a vinyl record wholesale supplier I’ve been running since May 2022.

I often get asked why I started Even by Odd. It’s certainly not because of the glitz and the glamour. I can think of hundreds of other sexier businesses. And it’s not because of some genius idea I had to revolutionise the industry with never-seen-before features, processes and practices.

Although that will always remain the mission — to revolutionise an old, clunky, and cumbersome industry, and continue as the leading vinyl record wholesale distributor and supplier covering all your needs.

Even by Odd was formed out of our dying necessity for a full one-stop shop vinyl records distributor that stocks not only vinyl but CDs, merch, and even DVDs. A wholesale supplier that provides better transparency and communication. Without it, it wasn’t easy to run a record shop day-to-day; surprisingly, it wasn’t something existing vinyl record wholesale distributors could easily achieve.

As a record shop, and in particular, one whose business model includes a monthly record club, we had a huge issue with the supply of stock. As a bootstrapped business (the type where any money coming in is quickly spent on more stock to try and get more money coming in), it was embarrassing to order records after buying stock we couldn’t necessarily afford just to meet minimum order quantities, only for the stock we did need not to show up!

You see, if you didn’t know, the major labels, fulfilment centres and wholesale partners within the music industry operate with minimum order requirements. Typically, when I first started my record shop, it was also difficult to find and open an account with these vinyl record suppliers. When you did, you found you had to meet minimum order requirements so that they would ship the stock out to you — and when you’re dealing with a multitude of different vinyl record suppliers where you have to meet their varying order requirements, that quickly become pricey and risky to your business’s cash flow.

I found myself, not only wasting time, speaking to multiple vinyl record distributors to try and secure stock but as I alluded to earlier, paying through the nose to meet minimum order requirements where I bought stock I wasn’t sure I could shift quickly, with no guidance or help from anyone.

In addition, and this is still a huge problem today, I would place orders for stock only for it to be seemingly prioritised for one of the supplier’s key accounts. A lot of the vinyl records ordered would go out of stock by the time it was shipped to us, without any communication during the process. When buying in from abroad, I realised how costly shipping could become too.

After years of suffering, I decided to speak to a few industry friends and quickly realised the solution was simple. Build our own independent vinyl records wholesale distributor and supplier that offers a one-stop solution for young record shops just starting out, and those who import their stock from abroad.

There were 3 really simple missions (which are easier said than done).

  1. Offer the widest range of music product available
  2. Deliver with superb, transparent service, speed, and with a smile
  3. Operate economically and efficiently enough so that both small and large customers benefit from using us

Who would we benefit most?

  1. Small independent record shops who operate on a shoestring budget and can’t afford to order £1,000’s worth of stock every week
  2. The music sellers based outside of the UK, who need an easy and efficient way to import stock without having to absorb 6 different shipping costs

Were we perfect from the get-go? Hell no. Are we perfect? We’re closer, but still some way off who I want us to become. Will we get there? With time.

That’s my honest assessment.

We’re still operating on a shoestring ourselves, combating much larger players in the space who, it feels like, aren’t looking to improve their processes to benefit their customers. And why would they?

No one was trying to revolutionise the industry. No one was forcing them to change their behaviour. It’s cheaper and easier to stay stagnant until someone comes along and causes an earthquake.

I’d like to think we’re making a small dent in changing that narrative. We’re causing a slight tremor, at least.

I will always fight for our customers to succeed and I hope you join us on our journey, choosing us as your vinyl record wholesale supplier. We will always strive to improve and perfect what we can control and will put pressure on the larger players to change what we cannot and do not control.

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly at [email protected].


Jordan Brace

Managing Director
Even by Odd Limited

Stock Your Record Shop With Ease

The vinyl record wholesale supplier stocking thousands of record shops.
The vinyl record wholesale distributor with over 60,000 vinyl record titles in stock.
The one-stop shop for your vinyl record wholesale needs.

As previous record shop owners, managers, and buyers ourselves, we know first-hand how frustrating it can be to buy vinyl records wholesale.

An endless amount of friction points and common issues made the wholesale buying experience cumbersome, unreliable, and frustrating.

Tired of the issues, we founded Even by Odd to offer the vinyl record wholesale services we asked and wished for from the industry.

As a result, gone are…

A lack of options

As an industry-leading vinyl record wholesale distributor and supplier, we have the largest catalogue of records available from any UK vinyl record wholesaler, with access to over 83,000 titles on vinyl, 163,000 on CD, along with titles available on cassette, DVD, and Blu-ray as well as other merchandise; offering a transparent, one-stop solution for all your vinyl record shop needs.

Poor Communication

Other vinyl record wholesale distributors seemingly forget about you once your order has been placed.

We service the record stores living in a 2024 world, who operate lean, and who need to know if their records weren’t packed ahead of the order arriving with them because of damage or missing stock.

If our team foresees any issues when processing your order, you will know as soon as we do.

The vinyl record wholesale supply chain is old and unreliable, but it doesn’t need to be opaque, uncommunicative, and dishonest.

Invisible Order Progress

You won’t have any need to email us for updates.

Our team will let you know when the stock is ready to be shipped and picked up by the courier.

As a vinyl record wholesale distributor focused on you, the customer, we provide tracking information as soon as your parcels have left us, so you know where your vinyl record shop restock is and when you can expect it.

And if you ever need to contact us about anything, we’re always available and happy to help.

Minimum Order Quantities

The amount of stock we’ve bought as record shop owners that we didn’t want or require has cost us thousands of pounds and plenty of stress. Why should you have to be the same?

Don’t worry about ordering stock you only need just so you can place an order. We don’t operate with minimum order quantities.